Open Lane Model
Full NDS Format
Lane connectivity model
(e.g. lane relations, complex intersection scenarios)
Highly accurate lane geometries
(3D vectors, NURB splines)
Lane center line and boundary geometries
Lane boundary types and materials
(e.g. walls, markings)
Lane markings (incl. color)
Highly accurate attribution of lanes
(incl. HD traffic lights)
Lane level parking
(incl. geometries for spots in parking lots)
Lane level traffic information
(incl. traffic flow per lane)
Attribute quality metadata
Read-Access performance optimizations
Database size optimizations
(e.g. built-in compression)
Attribute extension concept
Incremental update concept
(e.g. corridor update for HD data)
Seamless integration with NDS Localization Objects
Seamless integration with Standard Infotainment map
Database tools & generated access code
(e.g. C++/JAVA API, Database viewer)
Sample maps Artificial data Real-World data
Commercial use license


Follow the link to download the NDS Open Lane Model including Sample Maps and Tools



The NDS community is happy to provide the Open Lane Model as part of NDS to you.


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